The Dilemma of the For Sale By Owner (FSBO)


The first thing when engaging a FSBO is to understand the reasons a seller chooses to attempt to sell their own home.  Number one of course is financial.  They want to avoid paying that 6% percent commission.  FSBO’s learn quickly that any perspective buyers are going to insist they lower their price 6% being they’re not paying a realtor’s commission.  So the commission issue almost always ends up a wash.

Many times clients turn into FSBO’s as a result of less than competent real estate agent. Once the seller’s confidence in a real estate agent is lost it’s difficult to regain.  Only we, real estate agents, as an industry can answer for that by being most professional.

FSBO’s often deal with sparsely attended open houses. Open houses represented by Realtors seem to be experiencing a lot of traffic.  We’ve all shown houses where the perspective buyer will say “Oh, my God, who picked out that horrible carpet.”  Buyers are reluctant to criticize the home when it’s owner showing it.  That’s why they use Realtors to express their concerns.

Real Estate agents introducing their buyers to a FSBO realize they will be negotiating with the owner himself who in most cases has never seen a contract before.  Agents realize that for the most part they will be doing both ends of the deal to get to the closing table. It’s a lot easier to simply introduce them to a listed property.

There are many reasons FSBO’s find a low rate of success, in only about 5% of the time.  It’s difficult for the average home owner to compete with the marketing available to today’s real estate agents.  Exposure in real estate is paramount.  But FSBO’s are part of the market and inventory.  Developing a working relationship with them can in most cases prove valuable to both the real estate agent and the FSBO.

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Why is having an Open House Important in selling my house?

Why is having an Open House Important in selling my house?

One of the common questions I get when speaking to potential sellers about putting their home on the market is about Open Houses.  A lot of sellers have some reservations about holding their home open for the public to view. Here are some of the objections I hear regarding Open Houses and why I feel they are essential in selling any property.

“I don’t want my neighbors to come just to be nosy”

As someone marketing your home for sale, I encourage inviting your neighborhood to come view your home. Neighbors always have an interest in who may potentially move into the neighborhood. I find this to be a HUGE benefit to someone selling.  Think about this.. how many times have you personally saw a house listed for sale and thought… that house would be perfect for a certain friend or family member. Neighbors can be your best advertisers!

“Are Open Houses helpful for buyers?”

Today’s buyers use Open Houses to further educate themselves about the types of homes and price ranges in given neighborhoods. While there are plenty of tools to help do this online, is there any better way than going to “kick the tires” in person?  Also, Open Houses are often attended by Real Estate Agents, giving them first-hand information about properties that may be of interest to their buyer clients.

“Open Houses are only used by Agents for prospecting, not for selling my house”

This one may be the most popular objection I hear. The truth is, Agents do prospect from Open Houses mainly because not everyone who walks through the door will fall in love with your house or neighborhood. However in some cases, buyers do like what they see and eventually do make an offer on the property they saw at an Open House even if its not on the same day.

“Have you ever received an offer while doing an Open House?”

Absolutely! I have hosted an Open House and had a visitor make an offer on the house on the same day and have had them make an offer a few weeks down the road. Also, on more than one occasion, I have attended an Open House with a client and submitted an offer to the Agent hosting the Open House on the same day. On each occasion, my client ended up having their offers accepted on the home we visited.

In conclusion, as a Real Estate Professional, I put Open Houses VERY high on my marketing plan.  I personally like to hold an Open House every 4 or 5 weeks while the home is on the market. I think it is a benefit to sellers to get as many people through the door as possible. In selling anything, it’s all about visibility…simply stated, the more potential buyers that know the opportunity exists, the better the chances of finding a buyer. While there is no way of predicting where your buyer will come from, the fact remains that Open Houses do generate interest from the buying public.

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Jackson NJ- “Gateway to the Jersey Shore”


A town that is near and dear to my heart.  Jackson is a place where community members and visitors can come together and celebrate all that Jackson has to offer.  Jackson, also known as the “Gateway to the Jersey Shore” is not only the gateway to the shore but a gateway to both New York City and Philadelphia as it’s less than 1 hour away from each


Established in 1844, Jackson is the largest municipality in Ocean County and the third largest in the beautiful state of New Jersey.  According to local history, Jackson was actually named in honor of President Andrew Jackson.  You may not know this but many of the present day roads in the town were named after pioneer families who were among the first settlers in Jackson- one example is Leming Road, which was named after the Leming Family.  Leming descendants as well as others still reside in Jackson to this day!


There are 10 K-12 schools in Jackson, 6 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and 2 high schools providing quality education for your children.  The Jackson School Districts mission is committed to developing and sustaining a learning environment that fosters growth in scholarship, character and initiative.IMG_4745

Although Jackson is large in size, it is still a growing suburban town that offers wonderful opportunities for families.  With beautiful tree lined neighborhoods, and wide open farms, Jackson sets a serene setting for a great place to live.  It has a diverse population with a perfect mix of rural, residential, and businesses spaces.


If you like to play where you live, Jackson offers that ability as well.  Try your hand at fishing, camping, canoeing or if you’re more the adventurous type, ride on Kinda Ka which is the tallest roller coaster in the world.  It’s the most famous attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure.  Jackson is also home to Six Flags Hurricane Harbor a water park and Six Flags Wild Safari.

Parker Bohn III, Melvin Cottrell, Scotty Cranmer, Rich Gaspari, Frank B Holman, Rob Johnson, Gina Lynn, Steve Niles, Vini Lopez, Anthony Ranaudo, Anthony Stolarz, Zakk Wylde or Stanley Switlik, do you know any of these people?  These are just a few of the notable people that were either born in, residents of or otherwise closely associated with Jackson NJ.


Jackson Township has a varied real estate market for even the most demanding consumer.  Small and older communities, large newer complexes, townhouses, condos, adult communities and small farms scattered throughout the town.  These types of housing options are available and make the perfect area for homebuyers alike.  If you would like more information on places to live, eat or play in Jackson, please feel free to reach out to me as the expert community town real estate advocate, I am here to help with all of your needs.

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