Don’t be like Tom, be like Mike.


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Does this sound familiar? More often than not buyers want to get out and start looking at homes the instant they’ve decided they want to be a home owner. With enthusiasm like that finding homes can be fun with just a little guidance from a Realtor.

Every Buyer whether young or old, first time or seasoned should take the necessary steps to be properly prepared for their home buying experience.

First call your local mortgage broker or banker. It’s always best to call several. If you don’t know someone ask your Realtor to supply you with at least three names. Since they are on the front lines they often have an ample supply for you. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the current rates and programs that are available. Educate yourself about each individual lenders process. By doing this you’ll have an understanding of what you can afford and what will be expected from you during the process.

This first step will help you reduce the anxiety by putting you on the right track to the home of your dreams.

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Don’t be like Tom, be like Mike.
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