Tips For Moving Into A New Home

There are many situations & stressors in life that have the ability to completely derail a person. Humans are creatures of habit, so when something comes in the way of our daily  routine, we often respond negatively. Planning a wedding, illness, job loss–the list goes on. However, one major life event is at the top of every list, and it’s a topic that we at CARA Realtors fortunately have a lot of wisdom on. Moving Into A New Home. Although for many this is an extremely happy occasion, it still breaks your routine and can be an extremely difficult time if you’re unprepared. Moving is a life event that can bring on an array of different emotions and falls nothing short of a huge task to take on. Check out these tips and pointers below that will help you make this transition as smooth, and safe as possible!

  1. Create a timeline. Start your timeline 3 months before the move. This way, details aren’t lost in the shuffle and you can pencil in all your deadlines that need to be met.
  2. Label all of your boxes with the room they’re going to.  This ensures more organization during your move and your belongings are placed in the correct rooms. It alleviates any stress if you are using a mover because they will know exactly where to place the boxes and you will have a better understanding as to what’s in them! Another option is to use clear bins!
  3. Don’t pack unnecessary items. You can take advantage of your time packing by getting organized! Go through all of your items, decide what is coming with you, what can be tossed out, and what can be donated. Clutter is definitely on the bottom of the totem pole and can be avoided by organizing and purging!
  4. Be prepared for Moving Day. If you are using professional movers, to sure to coordinate with them ahead of time, ensuring there is no confusion with directions to the home, and you can familiarize them with the home’s floor plan. Also, pack a “Survivors Kit” including: cleaning supplies, basic tools, paper towels, toilet paper, water, and of course, snacks!
  5. Protect Yourself. Unfortunately, moving can cause physical strain as well and it’s extremely important to make sure you are lifting boxes and household items properly. Never lift anything that you feel is too heavy to pick up comfortably!
  6. Clean the home prior to moving in. The last thing you want is to move into a dirty home. Talk a walk through prior to moving in, noting if there’s anything to be replaced or fixed, and hire a cleaning crew to scrub down your new pad!
  7. Change the locks. You don’t really know who else has keys to your new home, so be sure to change the locks! Installing new deadbolts yourself could be extremely thrifty, or you can always call a locksmith!
  8. Familiarize yourself with the neighborhood. It can be immensely helpful to get yourself aquatinted with your new neighborhood! Get to know the local businesses, convenient stores, grocery stores, parks, schools, etc. You’ll be an expert in no time!
  9. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors! You don’t have to fit the cliche and bring over brownies or baked goods. However, once settled in, it may be wise to invite some locals over for a casual get together, introducing yourself, and showing off your new home!
  10. Enjoy your new space. Whether you are moving into a bigger home, downsizing, or renting, moving is most definitely a big deal. However, if you go into this new transition thinking positively, it will make your new chapter so much more worth while. Use this opportunity to be creative and make it yours. Take it all in, and embrace this new beginning.

Top Jersey Shore Waterfront Restaurants

CARA Realtors is one of the leading agencies at the Jersey Shore for several different reasons. We know how imperative it is to know the local market and all the selling points in your area. Our agents take pride on being the best Realtors at the Jersey Shore, and being the most educated about the surrounding neighborhoods. When you think of the Jersey Shore, you immediately think of the beach, warmer weather, and relaxation, rightfully so! With that being said, we also have some of the most inviting waterfront restaurants that bring together all of those aspects. The warmer weather is finally here, and some of these amazing waterfront restaurants can help you take advantage of it!  After a hard day’s work, don’t you want to kick back at a picturesque restaurant and relax while enjoying a nice meal with a view? Here is a list of waterfront restaurants along the Jersey Shore.


River Rock Restaurant & Marina Bar

Address: 1600 Route 70W Brick, NJ 08723 Telephone: 732-840-1110


The Wharfside Patio Bar & Restaurant

Address: 101 Channel Drive, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 Telephone: 732-892-9100

deck photo

Red’s Lobster Pot & Restaurant

Address: 57 Inlet Drive, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 Telephone: 732-295-6622

harpoon (1)

Harpoon Willy’s Tavern & Waterfront Restaurant

Address: 2655 River Rd, Manasquan, NJ 08736 Telephone: 732-223-8880


Waypoint 622

Address: 622 Green Ave, Brielle, NJ 08730 Telephone: 732-528-6665

jenks north

Jenks’ North Inlet Bar

3 Broadway, Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 Telephone: 732-899-0569

Do you know of any other Waterfront Restaurants in the area that you would like to see make the cut? Please let the CARA team know and we’d love to include them into a future blog!