Picking the brain of a local Interior Decorator.

 Often times, people just assume that interior decorators make homes look “pretty” and strictly stylize a room, or even the entire house. However, little do they know, interior decorators do much more than just that! It’s not only about making the house’s interior look beautiful, but it’s also about making most of the space and transforming how the client feels about being their own home. Essentially, enhancing their lives for the better day in and day out. It’s so important to feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired by the decor of your home and an interior decorator will assist you in all of your needs when decorating. I was fortunate enough to pick the brain of a local interior decorator, Lauren Murray, who is the creator of Beadboard and Butcherblock Interior. Take a glance into the mind of a local pro, and what inspires her!


What made you interested in interior design?

As cliche as it sounds, it was my mom who inspired me to pursue interior decorating.  She has always had a talent for making things beautiful.  I grew up admiring her sense of style, her independence to do everything herself, and her love of making every house we lived in into a home.


What styles inspire you? 

I’m inspired by things that are fresh, light, cozy, timeless, unique, and pretty. I’d have to describe my style as rustic incorporated with farmhouse chic, but at the same time traditional and classic. I try not to stick to one particular style because just as clothing, trends come and go.  But instead I find colors, pieces, and ideas that tell a story and fit within my clients life and passions.  I just have fun and trust my instincts when I find things I love.


(ABOVE) Foyer seating area with Neutrals & Textures


What are some of the most popular themes for home decor?

The rustic modern farmhouse look is very popular right now.  Lots of whites, neutrals, wood, and vintage inspired pieces are being seen everywhere.  Its important not to go too trendy with everything in your home but rather find unique and stylish pieces while keeping your overall theme timeless.


What are your favorite stores to check out when decorating?

I love a good bargain so I’m always looking for beautiful things at an affordable price.  My favorite stores are Home Goods, TuesdayMorning, Joss and Main, Wayfair, Ikea, and Etsy.  


Powder Room with yellow damask wallpaper, Capiz shell lighting, and mirrored vanity.


Could you give people some quick tips when decorating and why its so helpful to hire a professional?

My advice for decorating your home would be to take your time and not try to fill your home at once because you want it “to be done”.  Let pieces speak to you and your home will truly reflect who you are.  
I think its important to hire an interior decorator because you may be unsure of what your style is or what direction you want your home to go in.  Or you may find things you like but aren’t sure how to put things together to flow throughout your house.  A decorator can help plan, budget, and organize your ideas and visions into a clear plan that can save you time and money.  We also take all the stress out of the process and make it easy and fun to have a beautiful home.  


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